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gradle error on com.appspector:android-sdk:1.+.

After I've edit build.gradle (proj/app) I've got the following message: Could not find any version that matches com.appspector:android-sdk:1.+. Versions that do not match: 0.1.0 Required by: project :app Search in build.gradle files

What is command monitor?

Could not find anything in documentation

Can we filter session wrt user instead of Device?

Is AppSpector SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliant?

Could somebody please advise whether AppSpector is SOC 2 or ISO 27001 compliant? We are working on a government project and those two standards are a hard requirement. Thank you.

Illegal class file: Class module-info is missing a super type. Class file version 53.

Since Weds 19th I get this error trying to compile my app. The error is associated with Appspector. Uninstalling Appspector solved it. Have you changed something that has caused this?

Monitor All Network Including 3rd Party Network

I tried Appspector, but it's not showing all network calls. 3rd party network calls not appear on the Appspector Network dashboard. How to intercept all network including 3rd party api calls?

[iOS] Incorrect urls for all curl imports

I have strange problem, all requests imported as curl have extra `http` in url (like `http://https//google.com`, where correct url would be `https://google.com`). Is it known bug?

OpenSSL "image not found" issue

I'm trying out AppSpector for the first time with an iOS app. I have installed with Carthage and integrated, but when I run in the Simulator the app crashes with the following error: ``` dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/openssl.framework/openssl Referenced from: /Users/myuser/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/9F207BCC-1BF5-4677-B69E-A8F84E024062/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/7E35FC9B-738B-4185-A6C2-AA8F55150607/my.app/Frameworks/AppSpectorSDK.framework/AppSpectorSDK Reason: image not found ``` So I thought "okay, maybe they forgot to tell us about an openssl dependency" and I looked around, found an openssl framework to add to the project, but I still get the same error. Is there a step missing from the setup guide? Something wrong with the binary retrieved by Carthage? thanks

Traffic Limit

Hi, how can I get more than 2gb of traffic limit?. Actually we have the Developer Plan. Cheers

GDPR Compliance

Hey there! I've just discovered AppSepctor and it blew me away! Especially being able to inspect the network requests is **amazing**! One question though as we're serving customers from the EU: is AppSpector fully GDPR compliant? I sincerely hope it is, I **have** to use it. 😄 Cheers, Linus