Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

AppSpector is a native iOS / Android framework which tracks your app activity like network traffic, databases content etc., sends collected data to backend servers and displays on frontend. Each application session with all collected data is displayed on the frontend and can be viewed in real-time as online session or anytime later as offline / archived session.

What app types does AppSpector support?

AppSpector works with any iOS / tvOS / Android native apps. You also can use AppSpector for apps developed with various cross-platform non-native tools (like Cordova, Xamarin etc), but its functionality could be slightly reduced.

Can I submit apps with AppSpector to AppStore or Google Play?

You should exclude AppSpector SDK from production builds. It's not intended and not allowed to be used for tracking real users data. In case if you accidentally submitted app with AppSpector SDK it will automatically detect AppStore or Google Play environment and disable itself.

Do I need to change my app to use AppSpector?

No. AppSpector is linked dynamically at runtime and injects in your app. You don't need to change anything in your app to use it.

How much bandwidth does AppSpector use?

By default to track app performance metrics AppSpector uses less than 1kb per second. Depending on your app activity, monitors enabled and user activity on frontend in case of real-time session this number could raise up to 10-15kb / sec.

What is the performance impact of AppSpector on my app?

We tried to do our best to make AppSpector as lightweight as possible. Under average conditions, you will not notice any performance changes, but using AppSpector during heavy load periods of your app activity could lead to some performance penalty. See Data Collection and Performance for more info.

I got “The app’s Info.plist file should contain a NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription key” error while uploading an app to the Apple Test*Flight

The AppSpector SDK uses CoreLocation framework for the location monitor. You can add a required fields to your app Info.plist file to silence the warning. Please note that this key is not required for TestFlight beta testing and you can ignore it unless you upload build to the AppStore (Remember that using AppSpector in the AppStore is not recommended and not supported).