AppSpector in a Nutshell

What AppSpector is and why is it awesome?

What is AppSpector?

AppSpector is a multifunctional debugging tool for mobile development. It is a great solution for any engineering force: from solo developers to major corporations.


If you are already familiar with AppSpector, you can proceed directly to Getting Started

Why AppSpector?

AppSpector addresses one of the major problems of mobile development: the difficulty of debugging process. It provides developers with instant access to the data which is either hidden from view or requires a bunch of standalone tools to work with, such as:

  • Location data
  • HTTP traffic
  • Databases structure and content
  • Environment variables
  • Hardware resources usage
  • ...and much, much more!

You can even trick your app into believing that it is in New York now

Key features

  • Remote access
    You can inspect your app, no matter where it is running: on your phone or a virtual device, in your office or on another continent
  • Customizable
    You choose which data you want to be collected
  • Easy to use
    You can get started with only a few lines of code, and an account on our website
  • Cross-platform
    AppSpector offers similar experience for both iOS and Android
  • Real-time
    As soon as anything changes in your app, you will see it in our web interface
  • Secure
    We will never share your data with anyone else, except for the people you choose

How it works

From end user perspective, AppSpector consists of 2 essential parts:

1. AppSpector SDK
Available for both iOS and Android. It is a dependency which can be added to your project. When added, it allows you to collect information about your app state in real-time. It is described in details in iOS SDK and Android SDK sections.

2. AppSpector web interface
As soon as you launch an application with Appspector SDK embedded, this information becomes available on our website. Every session is completely secure, and its data will not be available to anyone except you and members of your organization.