Before using AppSpector SDK in your Flutter app you have to register it on ( via web or desktop app.
To use SDK on both platforms (iOS and Android) you have to register two separate apps for different platforms.
API keys required for the SDK initialisation will be available on the Apps settings pages

Add AppSpector plugin to pubspec.yaml:

  appspector: '0.8.1'

Initialize AppSpector plugin

import 'package:appspector/appspector.dart';

void main() {

void runAppSpector() {
  final config = Config()
    ..iosApiKey = "Your iOS API_KEY"
    ..androidApiKey = "Your Android API_KEY";
  // If you don't want to start all monitors you can specify a list of necessary ones
  config.monitors = [Monitors.http, Monitors.logs, Monitors.screenshot];;

Build and Run

Build your project and see everything work! When your app is up and running you can go to and connect to your application session.